NGPM Kick-Off Meeting

As Jillian and Tacita would say,”Fist-bump ~ Jellyfish”!

Today marks the official team kick-off meeting for NGPM, Next Generation Preschool Math.

In a nutshell, the NGPM Project involves the development of a supplementary prek math curriculum that harnesses the power of digital media, teacher presence, and student-centered learning. This four-year long project is a collaborative endeavor of WGBH Interactive Kids, WGBH Education Outreach, and researchers from the EDC and SRI.

This blog is an informal space for the NGPM Project team to capture the various happenings over the course of this project. There will surely be tons of stories and artifacts to capture, but first things first.

All interested parties in the NGPM project must learn the team fist-bump.

How to do the the Fist bump ~ Jellyfish.

Step 1: Bump fists.

Step 2: Wiggle fingers as if they were the arms of a jellyfish.

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