The Preschool Debate Gets Heated!

President Obama’s remarks on early education in his State of the Union Address in January have done wonders for pushing preschools into the forefront of the American political discourse. But is all press good press? Just a few nights ago, comedian Jon Stewart brought up the issue on his late-night “fake news” broadcast The Daily Show, highlighting some of the back-and-forth between proponents of universal education and those skeptical of its effectiveness.

With all this attention on preschools, it’s important to keep the conversation focused on research-backed evidence to keep the truth from getting lost. We turned to edtech thought leader Lisa Guernsey and her colleague Clare McCann to help us understand what we’re hearing. In this Early Ed Watch blog post, Guernsey and McCann discuss The Daily Show clip and explain that the President’s comments on return on investment gained through preschool education are indeed valid, but “only for high-quality preschool programs.”

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