What Is Next Generation Preschool Science?

Next Generation Preschool Science brings together educational researchers from SRI Education and EDC, public media producers from WGBH, and preschool teachers and children to create rich early science curricula that integrate tablet-based and traditional learning experiences.

Thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation, the team has embarked on a research and development process with the goal of promoting preschoolers’ understanding of science concepts, engagement in science practices, and science discourse as well as supporting preschool educators in the classroom.

Curricular lessons include the use of tablet apps. Digital science journal apps are designed for teachers and children to use together to document, analyze, and manipulate data; for example, to document a plant’s growth over time, record slow-motion video of objects rolling down ramps, and photograph shadows in their own world. Tablet-based simulation and game apps allow children to observe what affects plant growth, design experiments with ramps and marbles, and play with light sources and objects to explore shadows. Lessons plans and professional development are provided in a digital teacher’s guide, which scaffolds the integration of technology into the preschool classroom.

Watch our video to see more about how we work and what we’ve been making!



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