What is Next Gen Math?

In the midst of all the passionate discussions about technology in the classroom, this video reminds us of what’s at the core of what we are doing.

And for those of you new to us:

NGPM is an NSF-funded learning design research project that expands over the period of four years.  Our team is focusing on determining the best approach to integrating technology — in our case, tablet games —  into the preschool classroom to teach math. We’re providing multiple opportunities for learning, from tablet apps to non-digital games and hands-on activities, to real world applications of the learning in preschoolers’ every day lives.

Our development team is working hand-in-hand with learning scientists, preschool teachers, and children to create the materials that comprise the Next Generation Preschool Math project.


Curriculum focus: Subitizing and Equipartition- ing

 We are focusing on two curriculum areas ripe for development at the preschool level: subitizing and equipartitioning. We are advised by some of the top thinkers in early childhood math learning, and have used Doug Clements and Julie Sarama’s learning trajectories to guide us, in addition to the fantastic ongoing research of Jere Confrey (in equipartitioning), Art Baroody and Herbert Ginsburg.

It has been incredibly fun – and challenging – exploring different ways to tackle these two curriculum areas using a blended approach of digital and non-digital materials.