PBS Introduces “It All Adds Up”

In a recent blog post, we shared a USA Today article about the importance of exposing children to math ideas early. In her latest piece for the Huffington Post, PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger describes how her grandfather taught her to see the math in her own world when she was a young child.

Kerger is hoping to give all parents and caretakers the tools to provide for their children what her grandfather provided for her. Following a survey of parents and their attitudes towards teaching math to their children, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are launching a new “It All Adds Up” initiative with the goal of pulling together math videos, games, activities, and tips.

Check out the PBS KIDS Lab website to see one (or one hundred!) of these great resources. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the “Math Activity of the Day” and “Ideas To Go” sections, which include quick and easy suggestions for parents. We’re planning to have a similar section in our Teacher’s Guide where teachers can get quick ideas on how to get kids engaged in math, math talk, collaboration, and more!

Stay tuned for more updates on our Teacher’s Guide and our games and activities as we begin the summer work of moving from alpha builds to beta builds!