Modeling Collaborative Apps

We had a bubble-bursting good time sharing the Gracie & Friends Treasure Bubbles iPad app, now available in the Apple App Store, with our young friends and teachers. What was our approach to integrating this collaborative game into the preschool classroom? Modeling how we can work together to learn math — which is “awesome” and totally clap-worthy!

This modeling — and it’s absolutely participatory modeling with the teachers and children! — is all part of our Professional Development for effective integration of research-based, developmentally appropriate games into the preschool classroom. Teachers model the apps for the children, inviting their thoughts, their voices, and their touch.

As for the children? We saw a lot of joy and exuberance while learning together! And that’s the true treasure.

Meet the Wonderers!

We’ve got a brand new cast of characters! Meet Teenie and Felix, two energetic and inquisitive twins, and their fun and adventurous friends. Oh, and did we mention that they have an adorable talking robot named Tulip?

Felix, Teenie, Tulip, and all of their friends will be making their way into the NGPM apps and non-digital materials as we continue production through the summer. We’re so excited!

The Wonderers