Nurtury Learning Lab plays NGPM games

It was definitely a day of celebration as some of the NGPM team visited the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Nurtury Learning Lab in Jamaica Plain, MA. Check out the video from the Boston Herald!

The Mayor of Boston also attended, stating, “All children should have access to the best learning and school readiness opportunities we can provide. The Nurtury Learning Lab at Bromley-Heath is a great example of a service that will greatly impact children’s lives and start them on a path for success.”

The NGPM team brought our subitizing and equipartitioning games so that children could play and learn in their new media room at the Nurtury. What an inspiring play time!

Children clapped at their subitizing successes!


We got to watch children think and observe teachers doing what they do best!


And we promised that we’d bring the iPads back the next time we came…


It was a beautiful and symbolic day for our children’s education!

See more photos of the event from the Jamaica Plain News.

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